Value Add

[th2]Board representation[/th2]

Tamela has an [orange]experienced management team[/orange] that is appointed to the board of the investee company. Tamela executives also participate in board sub-committees such as [orange]audit, risk and remuneration[/orange].

[th2]Influence strategy[/th2]

Tamela contributes to [orange]strategy[/orange] formulation in investee companies. In addition, Tamela endeavours to influence the process of [orange]recruiting key managers[/orange] in investee companies to the extent necessary and where possible to [orange]complement the management team[/orange].


Tamela leaves the day-to-day management of the company to management but attends to [orange]monthly management meetings[/orange] and [orange]provides support and assistance to management[/orange] where necessary.


Tamela will, through its representation on the board and its sub-committees, assist the investee companies contribute towards [orange]achieving the socio-economic transformation of the country[/orange]. Tamela will, where necessary, [orange]participate in investee companies’ transformation initiatives[/orange]. This will include participation in the board’s transformation sub-committee, review of investee companies’ employment equity reports and BEE scorecards, etc.

Tamela has a proven ability to [orange]raise capital for growth and expansion[/orange] and has [orange]strong relationships[/orange] across all major financial institutions (banking and non banking) in South Africa. Tamela will therefore be able to assist investee companies with [orange]raising capital[/orange] to take advantage of [orange]growth and expansion opportunities[/orange].

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