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Public and Private Partnership with 1 Military Hospital

Public and Private Partnership with 1 Military Hospital 1920 1275 Tamela

The 1 Military Hospital located in Pretoria is currently experiencing a tremendous backlog in the performance of tonsillectomies. This is mainly due to the renovations being done to their theatre complex which has resulted in a lack of available theatre time. Patients mostly affected are children requiring urgent surgery due to recurrent tonsillitis.

During 2011 specialists and management of 1 Military Hospital approached Cure Day Clinics to discuss the possibility of accommodating their tonsillectomy cases. With three operational day hospitals in the Pretoria area, Cure Day Clinics facilities were ideally located to accommodate this need. Due to its favourable rates the tender submitted by Cure Day Clinics was accepted and surgery at CDC facilities commenced in September 2013. This provided a welcome relief for the many anxious parents who could now finally bring their sick children for surgery.

The first tonsillectomy was performed at Cure Day Clinics Midstream on 26 September 2013 by Dr Vivian Govender, specialist in charge of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology – 1 Military Hospital. Dr Govender is an outstanding Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon and has subsequently performed approximately 200 tonsillectomies at our Midstream hospital.

Dr Govender has expressed his appreciation for the excellent service rendered to patients, relatives and specialists alike at Cure Day Clinics Midstream. He commented on the manner in which all staff went the extra mile to make it a positive experience for all. Cure Day Clinics is renowned for its child friendly facilities which focuses on a simple and quick admission process, child friendly reception area and its comfortable paediatric wards. Reducing the anxiety of both child and parent has always been our priority.

Dr Govender will continue performing tonsillectomies at Cure Day Clinics Midstream until 1 Military hospital is ready to accommodate these patients. Cure Day Clinic’s cost effective model has proven that it can accommodate South Africa’s need for cost-effective same day surgery, especially for the public sector. Based on the current successful partnership between 1 Military Hospital and Cure Day Clinics, other specialities in 1 Military Hospital has been identified which will also benefit from Cure Day Clinics’ favourable offering. Cure Day Clinics and 1 Military Hospital have proven that a successful Public/Private partnership is possible, making quality affordable day surgery possible for all South Africans!

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