Tamela Capital Partners is one of the few credit-oriented alternative asset managers in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns and capital preservation for our investors.

Our long term investment strategy seeks to maximise returns while simultaneously managing the downside risk of investments. Our team constitutes one of the experienced team within unlisted credit, having founded the first mezzanine credit manager in Africa in 2005. The team’s deep knowledge of unlisted credit and unlisted equity investing provides our clients access to an investment team with the most diversified knowledge in alternative asset class.

Our ability to create partnerships with management teams enables us to provide appropriate funding solutions to corporates whilst ensuring we deliver the promised returns to our clients.

Deep Industry Networks and Expertise
The investment team pioneered the mezzanine credit investing in South Africa in 2005 and has participated in several land mark transactions, either advising or investing. Our deep understanding on how to structure funding solutions means that we can size up situations quickly, understand funding opportunities and leverage our experience and our network to crystallise an opportunity.

Focus on Capital Protection
Our clients have low tolerance for capital loss, therefore the investment team spend a significant part of its time assessing risk and structuring downside protection. In addition, we believe that an ongoing involvement with the underlying investee companies provide us with an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in order to understand and mitigate risks that may arise during the investment period.

Collaboration with Management Teams
The investment team takes a fundamental approach to value creation through partnerships with management teams and shareholders and by being actively involved with the strategic development of portfolio companies.

Turnaround and Structuring Flexibility
Our investment process enables us to respond quickly and with certainty to entrepreneurs and management teams seeking growth capital to crystallise studied opportunities. The investment team has a strong origination and execution capability of structuring mezzanine and equity transactions, which allows for identification and mining structured opportunities with advanced risk mitigation techniques.

Investment Amount
• R50 – R200 million (larger amounts with co-investors)

Investment Types
• Growth capital, Entrepreneur-partnering transactions, Funding of buy-and-build transactions, BEE transactions, Refinancing of secondary BEE transactions and Energy transactions.

Investment Structures
• Subordinated debt, second lien,
• Equity co-investment (on a limited basis)

Financial Metrics
• Revenue greater than R100 million
• EBITDA greater R30 million

Target Company Characteristics
• Proven value proposition
• Identified organic growth
• High free cash flow generation and cash conversion rates’
• Experienced management with “skin” in the game.

Industry Focus
• Industrial/commercial services
• Distribution and logistics
• Niche manufacturing
• Tech-enabled services
• Healthcare
• Property

• Sub Saharan